Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD.
Psalm 139:4


Founders    :    St. Robert, St. Alberic, St. Stephen Harding

Foundation    :    1098

Kurisumala Ashram was established in 1958 by Fr  Francis Acharya (Formerly Francis Mahieu) and Fr  Bede Griffiths under the diocese of Tiruvalla following an invitation by Most Rev. Zacharias Mar Athansios. Fr Francis was a Cistercian (Trappist) monk from Belgium and Fr  Bede was a Benedictine monk from England. Their dream was to establish an inculturated Christian Ashram following the lifestyle of Indian Sannyasis. Kurisumala Ashram was officially incorporated into the Cistercian (Trappist) Order in 1998 and is now an Abbey of the Order. Kurisumala Ashram is presently the only monastery for monks in India belonging to the Cistercian Order.

1.  Kurisumala (Estd : 1958)
    Kurisumala Ashram (CISTERCIAN ABBEY)
    Vagamon 685 503, Kottayam, kerala
    Tel :9961729917, 9744191029. E-mail

    01.    Rev. Fr Ishananda Machiyanckal (Abbot)
    02.    Swami Joseph
    03.    Rev. Fr YesudasThelliyil
    04.    Fr Niramalanand Kallattu
    05.    Swami Christudas Kochupurackal (Deacon)
    06.    Swami Amalanand Thamarakkattu
    07.    Swami Gnanadas Poovelil
    08.    Swami Ephrem Puthettukulam
    09.    Swami Thomas Kunnath
    10.    Swami Augustine Kandathil
    11.    Rev. Fr Yesuprasad Madappattu (Oblate)
    12.    Swami Aruldas Pulickaparambil
    13.    Swami Sachidanand Ooroth
    14.    Swami Jose Elavumkal
    15.    Brahmachari Fr Sevanand Ennamprayil
    16.    Rev. Bro. Limson Chakkalavadakkethil (Postulant)
    17.    Mr E. L. John (Associate Member)
    Activities: The Cistercian (Trappist) order is a contemplative Order and Sannyasis of Kurisumala Ashram consider a prayerful life in communion with God as their ideal. Prayer, work and spiritual reading/study form the basic framework of their life. Their three “Charisms” are: a) Cistercian spirituality b) Malankara liturgy c) Indian inculturated lifestyle. Guests are accepted for retreats and spiritual renewal. Other activities include operating a dairy form, publication of books, charitable activities to support the poor people nearby.

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