Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD.
Psalm 139:4

(Gospel Ministry Team)

    Suvisesha Sangham is a fellowship of the faithful, who are convinced that they are called by the Holy Spirit to live in depth the spirituality of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church in its radical form, to fathom the holiness of Christ being at the service of the Gospel and await eternal salvation. It is also a fellowship of the faithful who are longing for a holy life according to the Gospel. (Mt.5:48). Mar Ivainos, Servant of God, who led a holy life according to the spirituality of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church is the pioneer and model of Suvisesha Sangham.

1. What is Suvisesha Sangham? 
1. It is a call and choosing of the Holy Spirit for the ministry of the Gospel (Mk.3:13-19).
2. It is a call for the conviction and experience of being born again (Jn. 3:1-12).
3. It is a call to produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Gal5:22-23).
4. It is a call to rejoice in the Holy Spirit (Rom:14-17) (Lk.10:21)
5. It is a call to be guided and controlled by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:14).
6. It is a call to aim at the holiness of Jesus and to fight against evil and Satan (Heb 12:1-13).
7. It is a call to live the spirituality of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church deeply in its radical form. (1.Spirituality based on Liturgy, liturgy of the hour, Sacraments, Holy Lents. 2. Spirituality based on the Holy Bible 3. Spirituality based on Service).
8. It is a call to renew oneself (Mk.1:15; Heb.12:14).
9. It is a call for Gospel Ministry (Mk. 16:15).
10. It is a call to live a life in expectation of eternal salvation (Mt. 16:26).

2.The Formation of the Suvisesha Sangham and its Activities
    Keeping the Spirit of the first Major Archiepiscopal Assembly of the Malankara Syrian Catholic Church held on 21-22 September, 2011 and as per the decision of the 12th Holy Episcopal Synod, the Suvisesha Sangham (the Gospel Ministry Team) was started in February 2012. In ecclesial level and eparchial level there are 303 members who received the special blessing of the imposition of hands from the Bishops and they took the responsibilities of the Gospel ministry. More than 600 members are undergoing formation in various eparchies and in ecclesial level for the imposition of hands. In order to form the parish Suvisesha Sangham, house visiting ministry and parish ministry were started in each eparchies. Till now 26000 families have been visited and formation programmes have been conducted in 358 parishes. Hospital ministry was started in Pushpagiri medical college at Tiruvalla and St. Joseph Hospital at Anchal. Campus ministry was also started in various schools and colleges. Under the leadership of the members of the Suvisesha Sangham, an intercessory prayer was started at tomb (Kabar) chapel of the Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios (Pattom, Trivandrum) from 1 July 2016 onwards. This Gospel Ministry Team will function in the Catholicate Centre with Moran Mor Baselios Cardinal Cleemis the Catholicos, the head of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church as the Patron, His Excellency Jacob Mar Barnabas as the Chairman, His Excellency Abraham Mar Julios and His Excellency Vincent Mar Paulos as Vice-Chairmen, Rev. Fr. Antony Kakkanatt as executive secretary and Rev. Sr. Namitha S.I.C and Rev. Sr. Francina D.M as secretaries. 

Suvisesha Sangham October 2016

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Rev Sr Halyuse SIC Called to Eternal Life

Monday, July 17, 2017

Rev. Sr. Halyuse SIC, Malancharuvil (81), member of the province of Pathanamthitta called to eternal rest on 17/07/2017. Funeral will be on 18/07/2017 at 1.30 pm in Bethany provincial House, Pathanamthitta.;


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