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Psalm 139:4





Chairman:    His Excellency Most Rev.  Dr. Philipos Mar Stephanos,
                    Tel.09847839907, Email:

Secretary:    Rev. Dr George Thomas Kochuvilayil,
                    Samanuya Pastoral Centre, St. Mary’s Campus,
                    Pattom, Trivandrum – 695 004

1.    Rev. Fr. Thomas Mukalumpurathu, Trivandrum    
2.    Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Tiruvalla
3.    Rev. Fr. Michel Mukkampalath, Marthandom        
4.    Rev. Fr. Joachim Pandaramkudiyil,
5.    Rev. Fr. Daniel Thekkedath
6.    Rev. Fr. Robin Manakalethu
7.    Rev. Fr. John Nellivila
8.    Rev. Fr. Mathew Perumpallikunnel, U.S.A
9.    Rev. Fr. Varghese Valikkodath
10.   Rev. Sr. Philomina OSS, Moovattupuzha
11.   Dr. Abraham George, , Nalanchira
12.   Mr. Romy Vellamel, Kochera P.O, Chettukuzhy, 685551, Tel.9446934953 Email:
13.   Mr. George Mathew, Bathery
14.   Mr. Raj Pilamkara, Marthandam
15.   Mr. Philip Vallikunnam, Mavelikara
16.   Mr. Philip George Kochuvilayil, Pathanamthitta
17.   Mr. Yohannan Noojibalthila, Puttur
18.   Mr. N. C Philip, Delhi, Tel.  09868266208




                The first meeting of the Synodal Commission for Faith Formation was held on 18 March 2006 at Santhinilayam, Tiruvalla. Most Rev. Thomas Mar Koorilos, the Chairman of the Synodal Commission, presided over the meeting. The secretary, Fr. Antony Kakkanatt, and other fourteen members participated in the meeting. 

              Bishop Thomas Mar Koorilos gave the introductory talk explaining the need, importance and the obligation of the Commission for faith formation in the Malankara Catholic Church.
Fr. Antony Kakkanatt presented the catechetical vision of the Malankara Catholic Church and the various areas of immediate concern. Ten topics were discussed during the meeting.

1. Catechetical Texts - Catechism of the Malankara Catholic Church

              The Synodal Commission evaluated the preparation and the publication of the Catechism of the Malankara Catholic Church in Malayalam, Tamil, English, and Kannada languages. The members expressed satisfaction at the publication of the Malayalam catechism text up to standard ten, Tamil texts up to standard nine and the English text up to standard seven. 
The preparation and publication of the teaching-aids, including the teacher’s guide, visual teaching aids, audio cassettes for songs in the text books and other teaching materials, was discussed and arrived at a consensus to go ahead with the plan.  Similarly, the preparation and the publication of the Catechetical Directory of the Malankara Catholic Church giving the catechetical vision of our Church was recommended.

2. Teachers’ Formation

              The members shared the need of a formation programme for the teachers at the Eparchial and Ecclesial level.  A group of persons should be trained specially for the teachers’ training.

3. The Evaluation of the Catechetical Programme

              The dynamics of conducting examination at the Eparchial level and Ecclesial level was discussed.  Certificates could be issued at both levels of participation.  Similarly, it was pointed out that new methods should be adopted to evaluate both the information and the formation realms of catechesis.
A special committee should be formed to evaluate the present catechism texts.

4. Additional Texts for Catechesis.

                It was unanimously agreed that no additional text should be introduced along with the catechism of the Malankara Catholic Church. If any Eparchy wants supplementary text to the official catechism of the Malankara Catholic Church, it should obtain the prior sanction for the same from.

5. Adult Catechesis

                The adult catechesis is an important aspect in the life of the Church. Arranged catechesis should be provided to the youth, the middle aged and the senior citizens. The Commission is planning to present an adult catechetical programme for the faithful of the Malankara Church.

6. Catechetical Magazine 

                The catechetical department of the Malankara Catholic Church is planning to publish a catechetical magazine. It will serve as  the best means to communicate ideas and news concerning the catechetical department. It will also be a means to teach the students and to help the teachers. The Malankara Balan, the catechetical magazine of the Archdiocese of Trivandrum could be used as the catechetical organ for the whole Malankara Catholic Church. A decision to this effect is expected to ensure in the next session of the Synod.

7. The use of Films and audio cassettes for the promotion of Christian Values 

              The catechetical commission could utilize all the modern communication media to propogate gospel teachings. The presentation of films based on Gospel values and audio cassettes of devotional songs and homilies will help to foster the authentic Christian life.  

8. Vacation Programmes 

                All the Eparchies have a vacation programme for their children. They are known as B.O.C, B.B.S, Jesus Camp, Yesu Darsan, etc. It was suggested that a common theme should be chosen for the vacation programmes by the commission itself. A unified vacation programme should be helpful to the faith formation of the Malankara Catholic Church.

9. Moral Education in Schools

                The commission discussed about the possibility of presenting texts for moral education in our schools.

10. Bible Artsfestival (Kalolsavam) for the Children 

                The Bible Kalolsavam which is conducted in each Eparchy will be celebrated at the Church level. The commission discussed the possibility of conducting Bible Kalolsavam at the Church level.
                The catechetical directors of each eparchy and the catechetical director for out-side Kerala explained the present catechetical situation in their respective places. The other participants shared their valuable suggestions during the discussion.
Fr. Antony Kakkanatt

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