Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD.
Psalm 139:4






Chairman :   His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Samuel Mar Irenios

Secretary :   Prof. Dr. Abraham Joseph,
                    Mar Ivanios College
                    Nalanchira, Trivandrum 695 015

Members :    
1.Rev. Fr. Wilson Thattaruthundil, Mar Baselios Engineering College, Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar, Nalanchira P.O.Trivandrum Dt.-15,Ph:9447111170

2.Rev. Fr. Bovas Mathew Meloott,‘Srothas’, St. Mary’s Campus, Pattom P.O. Trivandrum- 695 004,Ph: 9447661943

3.Very Rev. Fr. John S. Neduvilayil, Malankara Catholic Church,Kirathoor P.O,K. K. Dist – 629 181

4.Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Kallittayil,Malankara Catholic Church,Re-Union Nagar, Kadappakada,Kollam -691 008

5.Rev. Fr. Daniel Narakathinal ,Malankara Catholic Church,Puthenpeedika P.O. ,Pathanamthitta 689647,Phone No: 9496626908

6.Rev. Fr. Abraham Irimbinickal

7.Rev. Fr. Mathew Kurian Vazhackapara,Mar Ivanios College of Education,Perebe P.O, Kunthoor 574 285,South Kanara, Karanataka

8.Dr. George Onakkoor

9.Sri. M.V. Thomas

10.Sri. Raju Mathew

11.Sri. Sann George Thomas

12.Adv. Abraham Pattiani,Delhi

13.Mrs. Rebecca Punnoose

14.Sri. Jijo George, USA

15.Sri. Satheesh Cheruppalur,Marthandom

16.Sri. Edison Varghese,Muvattupuzha







                                    The first meeting of the Synodal Commission for Communication media, Directory and Common Celebrations of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, was held at the Catholicate Centre, Pattom, Trivandrum at 3.00 pm on 5 April 2006. The following members participated in it:

                        1.     Most Rev. Dr. Joshua Mar Ignathios (Chairman)
                        2.     Rev. Fr. Wilson Thattaruthundil (Secretary)
                        3.     Rev. Dr. Antony Valiyavilayil (Chancellor)
                        4.     Rev. Dr. John Kochuthundil (Trivandrum)
                        5.     Rev. Dr. Thomas Kanjiramukalil (Bathery)
                        6.     Rev. Fr. Varghese Kunnumpuram (Muvattupuzha)
                        7.     Rev. Fr. Zacharias Vazhatharamalayil (Tiruvalla)
                        8.     Rev. Fr. Chellamkonam Franklin (Marthandom)
                        9.     Rev. Fr. Thomas Njarakattu (Muvattupuzha)
                        10.   Rev. Fr. Bovas Mathew Meloottu (Trivandrum)
                        11.   Rev. Fr. Chrysostom Kulathintemelethil OIC (Bethany Ashram Kottayam)
                        12.   Dr. Abraham Joseph
                        13.   Mr. Edison G. Varghese
                        14.   Mr. Boby Abraham
                        15.   Mr. Sanu George Thomas
                        16.   Mr. Raju Mathew
                        17.   Mr. B.S. Joy

                        His Excellency Most Rev. Joshua Mar Ignathios, the Chairman of the Synodal Commission, presided over the meeting. In his introductory address His Excellency pointed out as the end of the communication media that they should impart the love of God to the whole humankind. He added that the means of social communication, which are of considerable benefit to mankind, should contribute greatly towards the enlargement and enlightenment of humanity and towards the propagation and consolidation of the Kingdom of God.

                        Rev. Dr. Antony Valiyavilayil, Chancellor of the Major Archiepiscopal Curia explained to the gathering the rights and obligations of the Synodal Commissions in the administrative system of the Church.  He also suggested his vision of the aims of the Synodal Commission for Communication Media: 

                        -    The chief task of the Commission is to arouse the Church and the Christian faithful to a timely and suitable manner to take part in the various forms of communication, such as newspapers, periodicals, film,                               radio and television, so that they shall more and more be imbued with a human and Christian Spirit.
                        -    To organize the Malankara Christian faithful working in this field and to give a proper orientation in accordance with to the mind of the Church.
                        -    To co-ordinate the activities and policies of all the publications of the Malankara Catholic Church.
                        -    To enable to use modern media to propagate the Word of God.
                        -    To re-edit, update and publish the Directory of the Malankara Catholic Church once in three years.
                        -    To co-ordinate the common celebrations of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, such as the Dukhorono,Commemoration of Mar Ivanios (July 15), the Reunion Day Celebrations (September 20), Episcopal                                 Consecrations and other common celebrations of the SMCC.
                             The members then engaged themselves in an elaborate discussion and deliberation on the vision and  mission of the commission and made the following proposals:
                        -    To update and maintain the website of the Malankara Catholic Church
                        -    To form a media - policy befitting the needs of the time.
                        -    To make a new software for the department of Catechism.
                        -    To give proper directions to the faithful about the programmes in television channels and to inform them about the programmes worth watching.
                        -    To establish an archive and a museum for the Church.
                        -    To establish a media - centre and to appoint a PRO for presenting the stand of the Church on issues of public importance
                        -    To set up a study forum on media for the youth
                        -    To hold Mar Ivanios Memorial Lectures in connection with Mar Ivanios Day (July 15).
                        -    To publish the common directory of the Church as soon as possible.
                             The Commission further discussed on some concrete measures for the realization of some of the above mentioned suggestions.
                        -    The Commission entrusted Dr. Abraham Joseph with the task of bringing into realization the proposed website of the Church. The service of Mar Baselios Engineering College could be made available

                               for this.
                        -    The Commission decided to hold Mar Ivanios Memorial Lecture in connection with the forth-coming Mar  Ivanios Day.
                        -    The Commission asked the Secretary to take initial steps necessary for publishing the common directory of  the Church.
                        -    The commission decided to hold its next meeting of the Commission shall be held in June 2006.
Fr. Wilson Thattaruthundil 

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