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Psalm 139:4




Chairmen:    Most Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Julios
                    Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Eusebius

Secretaries:  Rev. Dr. Cherian Kottayil (Theology) 
                     St. Mary’s Malankara Major Seminary, Bethany Hills, Nalanchira P.O., Trivandram– 695 015
                     Rev. Dr. James Puthuparambil OIC (Publications)
                     Catholicate Centre, Pattom, Trivandrum – 695 004

The Report of the First Meeting of the Synodal Commission for Theology and Publication

Sub-section – Historical Desk

               The first meeting of the Synodal Commission for Theology and Publication with its subsection, the Historical Desk, convened at Srothas, Pattom, Trivandrum at 2 p.m. on 5 April 2006. This report is only on the deliberations of the sub-section, Historical Desk His Excellency Most Rev. Thomas Mar Koorilos chaired the meeting. Nine members participated in the meeting. They are:

1.   Mr. Jomi Thomas (Secretary)
2.   Rev. Fr. Varghese Mavelil
3.   Rev. Fr. Sylvester Kanjiramukalil OIC
4.   Rev. Mother Philomena SIC
5.   Mr. Joy Thazhamon
6.   Mr. Peter C. Abraham
7.   Mr. Cherian Panicker
8.   Mr. Manoj Chandanappally
9.   Mr. Christal John

Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Chediath, Rev. Fr. P.T. Thomas and Mr. Varghese Karippayil excused themselves due to inconveniences.

Message of the Chairman

               His Excellency Thomas Mar Koorilos gave the introductory message. This is the age in which the Malankara Catholic Church grows up fast. It is hence essential that we foster deeper interest in the Theology and traditions of our Church. We have to be vigilant over the vitiated ideas that are being spread in recent times and that our people should be prepared to withstand such theological problems. There is also a tendency, of late, to twist history and confuse people with new interpretations. Hence our people have to be made conscious of history. And this commission should shoulder the responsibility to present to our people the truths of history.

 This was followed by the self-introduction of the members.

 The aims and objectives of the Synodal commission

           Fr. Antony Valiyavilayil OIC, the Chancellor of our Major Archiepiscopal Curia gave a class to the participants on what the Malankara Catholic Church achieved with its elevation to the Major Archieiscopal status on 10 February 2005. From a historical persepective, the Church became fully autonomous in the communion of the Universal Church, a cherished longing of the St. Thomas Christians for centuries. He also explained the Synodal Ecclesial administration that has come into effect in our Church. He introduced the Synodal commission as a forum for the People of God to participate in the governance, life and growth of the Church. He also tried to elucidate on the role of the Historical Desk of the Synodal Commission for Theology and Publication. They are:
    -        The responsibility of preserving the artistic and historic patrimony of the Church (valuable monuments and all documents and materials of historical importance are treasures of the Church) 
    -        The upkeep of the museums and archieves, especially of the Catholicate Centre. It renders assistance to the eparchies in maintaining the historical treasures of the eparchies.
    -        Scientific research to redact the true history of the Malankara Church and to publish them.
                    After the class, there was a discussion for a deeper understanding of the aims and objectives of the commission.


               The meeting also made certain proposals. There should be a study forum at the ecclesial level for the Laity to learn the Theology of the Church, which dates back to the apostolic faith and tradition.
To redact the history of the Church in simple language, to teach our children, to establish parish libraries, to organise study forums after the model of Maramon Convention, to publish a journal for the entire Church.


               The chairman welcomed the suggestions whole heartedly and invited the members for their follow up. He specially invited the members to engage themselves in the coming months in the work redacting a documented history of the Church. The members too happily welcomed the proposals of His Excellency.
The meeting ended with prayer and tea. 

Mr. Jomy Thomas

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